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lei yunshang group is among the first batch of china time-honored brands and national top-secret projects, the owner of national intangible cultural heritage, and one of the four most reputed pharmaceutical groups in china. founded in 1734, the group has a history of nearly 300 years. its founder lei dasheng (styled yunshang and titled nanshan, 1696-1779) was a famous physician and great master of the “wu medical school” in the qing dynasty.

lei yunshang group has developed into a comprehensive health industry cluster of traditional chinese medicine integrating industry, commerce, chain, traditional chinese medical center, health regimen and medicinal material planting with the unified brand of “lei yunshang” for nearly 300 years, and is committed to the mission of “gathering all kinds of medicinal herbs to benefit thousands of people”, the brand proposition for “passing down the wisdom about health with a history of 300 years”, and the family instructions of “keeping up the prestige with choice of authentic medicinal herbs and following the principle of making the quality pill, pulvis, emplastrum and unguentum, pellet”, and to carrying forward the essence of theory of epidemic febrile disease. at present, lei yunshang group has production bases in suzhou, changshu, shenyang, changchun, yunfu and kunming. it boasts more than 400 major pharmaceutical products that have obtained the registered number of approval from china food and drug administration, such as tablets, powders, granules, pills, capsules and ointment. among them there are 2 national-level intangible cultural heritage projects (lei yunshang’s traditional chinese medicine pharmaceutical technique for liushen pill and representative inheritor of such technique): national top-secret formulated product liushen pill and “g.z. no. 1” jianyanling capsule.

currently, lei yunshang group has 8 major sales divisions including hospital division, investment promotion division, business division, general pharmaceutical division, otc division, pediatric division, antitumor division and nephrology division, 5 management centers including medicine and health industry research & development center, production management center, quality management center, medicinal materials management center and financial operations center. it also owns 5 directly-affiliated subsidiaries, such as leiyunshang commercial co., ltd., lei yun shang healthcare products co., ltd., lei yun shang chain pharmacy co., ltd. with over 50 century-old shops like songfentang, wanghongzhu and mutaishan etc. and traditional chinese medical centers providing customized services, changshu lei yun shang pharmaceutical co., ltd., suzhou lei yun shang ecological farm co., ltd. as well as 4 member companies including shenyang lei yun shang, guangdong lei yun shang, changchun lei yun shang and yunnan lei yun shang.

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