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  • lei yunshang group was awarded the title of “top ten influential brands of intangible cultural heritage of traditional chinese medicine”.

  • liushen pill of lei yunshang was included in “2018 health china · brand list” again owing to its excellent quality and outstanding reputation.

  • lei yunshang pharmaceutical group was evaluated as top 20 in 2018 china tcm r&d strength ranking list.

  • liushen pill of lei yunshang won the “time-honored quality chinese medicine award” at the fourth grand ceremony of chinese medicine culture in 2018.

  • lei yunshang pharmaceutical group won the honorary title of “advanced unit in science and technology work of suzhou new district in 2017” again; lei yunshang chain won 2017 top ten enterprises in featured commerce and trade, statistical integrity unit, and civilized unit of gusu district.

  • ① lei yunshang group has been fully developed into a comprehensive health industry cluster integrating commerce, chinese medicine chain, health maintenance, traditional chinese medical center, changshu lei yunshang, shenyang lei yunshang, changchun lei yunshang, as well as guangdong lei yunshang and yunnan lei yunshang.
    ②lei yunshang won

  • ①lei yunshang’s technique of making emplastrum and unguentum was selected as “jiangsu intangible cultural heritage".
    ②lei yunshang joined the world federation of chinese.
    ③proposed by national development and innovation committee and approved by national

  • lei yunshang launched a charity program called “celebrate the new year without pain” by donating tianchan capsule to the china anti-cancer association and the committee of rehabilitation
    lei yunshang took the lead in establishment of the china anti-aging
    ③lei yunshang exclusively implemented a set of boxing actions named jianyan boxing, a

  • ①lei yunshang won the title of “top ten independent brands” of suzhou.
    ②lei yunshang attended the high-level meeting on the development of traditional chinese medicine culture 2014 (macao) of the taihu world cultural forum.

  • lei yunshang’s technique of making emplastrum and unguentum was selected as “suzhou intangible cultural heritage”.

  • ①lei yunshang was evaluated as a chinese well-known trademark.
    ②lei yunshang initiated the enterprise reform through shareholding system and steadily promoted its overall listing.

  • lei yunshang was selected as a protection and production demonstration base for famous and quality traditional chinese medicine.

  • ① lei yunshang was selected as one stamp of the four major chinese medicine pharmacy groups in china.
    ②lei yunshang won the silver prize of the 1st china intangible cultural heritage expo.
    ③lei yunshang pharmaceutical co., ltd. was awarded the title of china time-honored brand by ministry of commerce.
    ④lei yunshang was rated as one o

  • li yingjie of lei yunshang was awarded with the title of representative inheritor of lei yunshang’s pharmaceutical technique for liushen pill (national intangible cultural heritage project), and was honored as one of the eight masters in traditional chinese medicine.

  • lei yunshang’s technique of making liushen pill was included in the list of first batch of national intangible cultural heritage extended projects.

  • china grand enterprises and suzhou pharmaceutical group co., ltd. jointly established lei yunshang pharmaceutical co., ltd.

  • lei yunshang was identified among the first batch of china time-honored enterprises by the former domestic trade department.

  • mr. shi jinmo, one of four famous doctors in beijing, prepared the formula for blood and essence enrichment, and dedicated the formula to the government on october 1, 1959. in the 1980s, the government granted the formula to lei yunshang in suzhou for exclusive production after multiple considerations. lei yunshang used the classic micropellet tech

  • liushen pill of lei yunshang was listed as national top secret project.

  • the registered trademark “jiuzhitu” of lei yunshang was awarded the title of national famous trademark.

  • ① lei yunshang’s descendants dedicated the formula of liushen pill to the government, and liushen pill was listed as a national secret variety.
    ②as an active supporter of the socialist transformation, lei yunshang took the lead to participate in public-private partnership. lei yunshang divided pharmacy in suzhou and that in shanghai, respectiv

  • during the anti-japanese war, a large number of wounded soldiers in the new fourth army at the guerrilla area in shajiabang, changshu were life-threatening due to shortage of treatment and medicine. having heard about the news, lei yunshang secretly provided a lot of drugs for the new fourth army, which mainly included liushen pill, saving the live

  • during the anti-japanese war, japanese businessmen tried to exchange the formula of liushen pill with that of their ace product “rendan”. in the face of japanese inducement and persecution, lei families and lei yunshang workers made great efforts to preserve the formula of liushen pill.

  • ①it won many international and domestic awards
    all celebrities and politicians wrote an inscription for lei yunshang. the insiders proposed a statement “lei yunshang in the south while tongrentang in the north” to praise lei yunshang.
    ②in the 17th year of the republic of china, leiyunshang songfentang received the trademark registration c

  • liushen pill was marketed, made from six kinds of valuable traditional chinese medicine. it has swelling-reduction, antidotal, heat clearing and pain-relief effects, allowing medicine takers to ease their heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen and bile (collectively called liushen in chinese), so it is called “liushen pill”. exported to southeast asia,

  • descendants of lei yunshang went to shanghai for asylum seeking in the context of taiping rebellion, and opened leiyunshang songfentang pharmacy (shen-titled, shanghai also named shen) at xingsheng street, shanghai french concession (yongsheng road, new north gate now) in 1861. some of them returned back to suzhou after the end of taiping rebellion

  • in the 24th year of the reign of emperor qianlong of the qing dynasty, the pharmacy called leiyunshang songfentang was incorporated in the tribute scroll of prosperous suzhou, showing the prosperous times of lei yunshang.

  • lei yunshang opened a time-honored pharmacy called “leiyunshang songfentang” at zhouwang temple lane entrance, tianku qian, zhuanzhu lane, inside ancient changmen gate, suzhou.

  • he was apprenticed to wang jinsan, a famous doctor in suzhou.

  • lei yunshang abandoned confucianism for medicine, and made the quality pill, pulvis, emplastrum and unguentum, pellet.

  • birth of lei dasheng, the founder of lei yunshang - lei dasheng, styled yunshang, titled nanshan, was a famous doctor in wuzhong region (located in ancient suzhou), and enabled his name recorded in the chinese biographical dictionary.

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