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The aim of this page is to show you how to earn more Bitcoin. Here on the main page of you will find the basic information and on the subpages you will find the specific opportunities. You will not find flashing banners and pop-ups on this website. This is no accident. Good luck in the crypto business.

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Crypto Trading

Crypto exchanges are online platforms where you can buy or sell Bitcoins or other altcoins.

Key characteristics of traders

Traders always speculate in the short term. They usually close out their trading positions within a few days. Their work is stressful and demanding. They have to make quick and correct decisions every day.

To do this, traders need to be patient. They should only open a position when the right conditions are in place. Another important quality is self-control. After a losing position, many people want to win their money back immediately. This is a mistake. Skilled traders don’t make such errors. Successful traders learn from their mistakes and continuously educate themselves.

Success in this business requires a healthy self-confidence. This is not a profession for the timid. Confidence should not be confused with recklessness. But if the conditions are right, you have to enter the market. These are the most important qualities of the best traders. If most of these are true for you, you might try this profession.

Market Psychology & Risk Management

Cryptocurrencies are very sensitive instruments. Their exchange rates are highly volatile. For this reason, the most basic characteristic of traders in this market is psychological fitness. This factor is not considered important by the majority of novice traders. This is a huge mistake. There are many excellent trading strategies. You can put the best indicators on your chart. If you are not disciplined at critical moments, this is not the profession for you. But if you can remain calm in all situations, you can become a good trader. There are a surprising number of ways to improve mental health. For example, regular exercise or a healthy diet.

Another important element of the trader’s toolbox is risk management. Traders want to reduce potential losses. On the other hand, they want to maximise their profits. Higher returns, in turn, in principle imply higher risk. This is where the different risk management techniques come in. The most important principle: never risk more than you can afford. If the exchange rate is not moving in the right direction, close the position as soon as possible. But if the exchange rate is moving in the right direction, realize as big a profit as possible. This is the essence of any risk management technique.

Here’s something to understand: it’s useless to use the best trading strategies if you can’t keep a cool head in difficult situations. It is useless to apply all the tricks of technical analysis if you are not willing to manage risk. This may sound offensive, but unfortunately it is true. Cold head and professional risk management. Those are the basics. If you can maintain your composure in any situation and are willing to minimize your losses, you’ve taken a big step towards success.

Trading Strategy

If you want to trade successfully, you will of course need a good trading strategy. A basic prerequisite is to know the rules of technical analysis. It takes several weeks to learn the basics. You must know Japanese candles, you must be able to identify a trend and you must be able to see support/resistance levels on the chart. When you feel you are ready to get started, you should first create a demo account on one of the crypto exchanges. Test your strategy with play money. If it works, then trade only with real money.

The right platform

There are several big-name crypto exchanges that spend huge amounts of money on marketing, but no longer pay attention to customer security. Unfortunately, half of the largest crypto exchanges are like this. When choosing the right trading platform, security should be your most important consideration. You should register with a place that does not lose customers’ money, where they really take customer security seriously. You should choose a platform that has never been hacked.

There are two such platforms. One is Cex. This is the world’s most secure crypto exchange. The other excellent company is Kucoin. This is the world’s most secure social trading platform.

Crypto Investments

Unlike traders, investors take the long view. They do not risk their money at all on crypto exchanges. Investors are generally wealthier people. Often, a successful trader gets tired of the daily stress and turns to long-term financial opportunities. Of course, psychological fitness is also an important factor in the lives of investors. They are exposed to much less stress than traders. Nevertheless, they too should follow the rules of risk management.

The best investment strategies are usually simple. It’s important to invest only in projects you know. A trader has minutes to make a decision. But an investor has much more time to make the right decision. Read as much as you can about the project. Find out as much information as possible. The more information you have about a crypto project, the more likely you are to make the right decision.

Strange as it may sound, the worst enemy of good investing is emotion. Many people fail when they start to have emotions about a company or a cryptocurrency. Many investors worship Bitcoin almost as a god. This is a serious mistake. In business, emotions hide reality from you. Of course, you don’t have to make that mistake.

The easiest way to invest in the crypto market is to buy a large amount of cryptocurrency. It is important to invest only if you know the project and the analysis shows that the price is likely to rise in the long term. You can read more about this topic in the Crypto Investments section.

Crypto Mining

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Mining bitcoin with mining hardware was very profitable until 2020. Today, that has changed. Success requires powerful and expensive technical equipment. The initial cost is very high. Moreover, these mining hardware are very loud, which is quite unpleasant.

Lone miners also have to contend with high electricity bills. The profitability of standalone mining depends on several factors: the price of the crypto currency, the power of the hardware and the price of electricity. Be sure to consider these factors before you start. Of course, there are still successful miners, but they have a harder job than before.

A crypto miner is also usually an investor. A trader sometimes has an interest in seeing the price of an instrument fall. This does not happen with a miner, who always has an interest in seeing the price of the coins he produces rise as high as possible. The goal is to produce as many coins as possible using as little cost and energy as possible.

At the moment, no one can say whether it is worth mining cryptodevices. Many believe the markets will see a long-term decline in prices. But there are at least as many who believe that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. There is no guarantee, but more and more celebrities and politicians are buying Bitcoin. In the long run, this is hopeful for both miners and investors. We hope that crypto mining will remain a profitable activity for a long time to come.

The question arises, can you mine bitcoin with a PC or a mobile phone? Of course you can, but the expected reward is much smaller. These devices are not designed for this purpose. If you want to produce more coins, you need to buy a mining machine. You can reduce your costs somewhat by getting used hardware.

Mining Pool

To increase profitability, miners are grouped into pools. This method is generally more efficient than individual production. Higher computing power leads to higher rewards. These pools have their own management interface. You can track the status of the hardware and the expected revenue. This community mining has a better chance of generating a profit. You can join several pools if you want.

Mining App

You can also use mining apps to generate a small amount of coins. These apps use the power of your mobile phone or other device to mine. You usually need to register on a website and then download an app. Once you have completed the setup, the software will start generating money for you. The internet is full of such websites, but unfortunately few of them are reliable. You can earn a small amount of coins this way.

Cloud Mining

Clearly, this is the most convenient way to mine. If you choose Cloud Mining, you won’t need any hardware or expertise. You simply hire a company to mine the coins for you. You buy computing power and get Bitcoin or other altcoins in return.

Cloud mining companies have significant resources and expertise. An optimally functioning mining company uses the latest, most efficient hardware, algorithms and methods. This keeps costs down. It makes mining much more efficient than doing it yourself.

All you need to do is register on a cloud mining website and choose the plan that suits you best. Nothing else to do. The company will do all the work for you. That sounds great. What’s wrong? Most cloud mining websites are quite simply scams. The fraudulent admins always scam users in the same way. They create a beautiful website. Then they start collecting people’s money. Of course, they don’t do any mining. When they are found to be scammers, they disappear with the money. There are a lot of such cases. Is there a solution? The good news is that there is.

There are few reliable providers on the market. Choose a mining company that has been operating for at least 3 years. It is also important that the company delivers on its commitments. Ecos is currently the best provider on the market.

Cloud mining is good business, but you need to avoid the scammers. This is true for all other online businesses. The primary concern is always to protect capital.


Online Faucets are websites that pay you a small amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for performing simple tasks. What kind of tasks are they? For example, viewing ads or watching videos. You cannot get rich using online faucets. But they can help you to successfully start making money online. They are free to use, very simple and extremely fast. The daily work takes just a few seconds.

Faucet tactics: People who take this activity seriously work on several sides at once. Some people register for more than 10 sites. This increases the daily income considerably.

Want more income? There are a few options on the faucets that pay higher rewards. You can earn a lot more money by completing paid surveys than your clicks. It’s a more creative job, so the pay is higher too. You can usually find these surveys under “Offerwalls”. It’s a quick way to make money, worth taking advantage of.

Registration usually takes a few minutes. It’s worth writing your password down somewhere so you can log in later. Old sites are usually more reliable, new ones usually go down quickly. On Faucets you can find a variety of cheap advertising options. You can advertise your blog or your referral links.

Crypto Games

Yes, you see it right. You can earn money while you play. Lately, “Play to earn” games have conquered the crypto market. The idea is that players receive bonuses during the game. The company pays players these rewards in cryptocurrency. This is usually a lesser-known token issued by the game developer itself. It has market value and you can always sell it.

This game model has a serious flaw. The company gives players tokens every day for their performance. As a result, more and more tokens are constantly being put into circulation. It is only natural that the price of tokens will fall in the long run. This means that the value of the rewards that can be earned in the game will steadily decrease. There is one way to compensate for this. The system needs a constant flow of new players in order to work. This is no longer possible after a certain point.

Unfortunately, there are very few professional players who can turn profit. The majority of people usually lose part of their investment. All in all, there are better opportunities than “Play to Earn” games on crypto business. Of course, if you have spare cash, you can test some crypto games. If you turn pro, you might even make a profit.

crypto world - Bitcoin EarningWelcome to the Crypto World…

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. This means that it is not issued by a central bank. It does not exist in cash form and cannot be counterfeited. It is the currency of the 21st century. You can own it freely, with no strings attached. Bitcoin allows fast and cheap transactions. Coin miners create it using special computer hardware. You too can join the Bitcoin mining community. You will need powerful mining machines. More and more celebrities are buying Bitcoin. This is likely to increase its value in the long run.

Who Created Bitcoin?

There are legendary stories about this on the internet. For a long time, everyone thought that a man called Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin in 2008. Later, many people doubted this. In 2015, Wired Magazine wrote that an Australian computer scientist named Craig Wright was probably the inventor of Bitcoin. What is the truth? Nobody knows.


The huge success of Bitcoin has inspired other developers. A new industry was born. After 2010, more and more cryptocurrencies were issued. Today there are thousands of these altcoins on the market.

Crypto Wallets

To store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you will need a crypto wallet. It is important that you only use a wallet from a known, reputable company. There are two types of wallets. Hot and Cold.

Hot Wallets

These are physically non-existent, online wallets. You have to register for them just like any other website. To register, you will need an email address and a password. The wallet offers excellent services for beginners and advanced users alike. It is free, easy to use and secure. In addition to storing Bitcoin, it can also store Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other altcoins. It is important to store only small amounts of cryptocurrency in your hot wallet. There are other ways to store larger amounts.

Cold Wallets

These are physical devices on which you can store your coins safely. You can order one from any hardware store. If you have a large amount of cryptocurrency, you should definitely get one. They can store, send and receive cryptocurrency, just like hot wallets.