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release date:2019-08-03

2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and it is also a year in which the pharmaceutical industry has opened a new era. the pharmaceutical industry reform policy has been rushed out. for most pharmaceutical companies, the continuous introduction of the new deal has brought many changes, but also there are many business opportunities. in such a big environment, on december 4, 2018, the 80th national drug fair (referred to as the drug fair) was expected in guangzhou and arrived in guangzhou.

lei yunshang pharmaceutical group co., ltd., as an outstanding representative in the field of chinese medicine, was invited to participate in this drug fair, and gathered together with the medical industry colleagues from all over the country to share the fruitful results of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.

the current drug fair was unprecedented, and the pharmaceutical industry was well-known. the long-established chinese brand, lei yunshang group, attracted a lot of attention on the first day of the exhibition. the traditional chinese design makes lei yun appear to be exceptionally colorful in a modern pharmaceutical enterprise. into the lei xuan group exhibition area, the time goes back, making people feel like they are in the jiangnan courtyard of the apricot flower spring rain in the poem, carved window exquisite and patchy, the quaint and elegant booth is filled with long-lasting medicinal herbs. numerous people followed the medicinal scent to lei yun on the exhibition area, and felt the deep culture and unique charm of the 300-year-old lei yun.

in ancient china, there was a custom of wearing sachets. the folks used to have a vanilla bag and were not afraid of five insects. wearing a sachet is a folk custom, but it is also a way to prevent plague. in the past century, lei yun has a long history and profound cultural heritage. since its establishment, it has always revived the chinese medicine culture as its responsibility. in order to let more people understand the charm of traditional chinese medicine culture, lei yunshang group has prepared various chinese herbal medicines at this drug fair. visitors can personally prepare chinese medicine sachets with different functions according to different needs. once launched, it attracted countless people to experience each other. under the guidance of lei yun’s staff, each experiencer not only obtained his favorite chinese medicine sachet, but also learned some basic chinese medicine knowledge, and also developed a strong chinese medicine. interest of.

through this exhibition, lei yunshang group has made many new friends in the same industry, learned the latest market of the chinese medicine industry, opened up its horizons, and brought new opportunities for the future development of lei yunshang group. in the face of the excellent situation of the continuous development of the strategy of revitalization and development of chinese medicine, lei yunshang group responded to the changes of the times, bravely marched forward with unstoppable momentum, inherited in the past, and innovated in inheritance. in the future, lei yunshang group will also create more quality products and memories for the public, and contribute to the revitalization and development of chinese medicine with peer companies.

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