This is a faucet monitor. You can find the paying sites on it. The list is subject to change.
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Top Faucets Informations Paying
Free Bitcoin High Paying Faucet - Timer: 60 min
Adbtc High Paying Surf Ads every day
Coinpayu High Paying Surf Ads and Window Ads every day
Satoshihero High Paying Faucet: Free spin every 30 minutes for Bitcoin
Satoshimonster High Paying Faucet: Free spin every 30 minutes for Bitcoin
Faucets (>30min) Online Since Paying
Bucksify 2020
Dutchycorp 2018
Firefaucet 2018
Simplebits 2021
Larvelfaucet 2018
Faucetcrypto 2017
Cointiply 2018
Faucets (<15min) Online Since Paying
Cryptowin 2021
Coinadster 2019
Coinpot 2021
Bestshop 2021
Claimbits 2019
Earnbitmoon 2019
Coinpayz 2020
Special Income Online Since Paying
Freecash 2020
Mellowads 2015
Publish0x 2018
PTC Sites Online Since Paying
Paidverts 2014
ScarletClicks 2009
GPTplanet 2010
Neobux 2008

If you work on faucet sites, you will definitely need at least one microwallet. These allow users to send and receive small amounts of money without commission. This is useful for you because you can see immediately whether a site is paying or not. The most important feature of microwallets is the safe storage of digital money. You can use them to exchange cryptocurrency, but you can also earn some satoshi by completing small tasks and filling in surveys. There is currently one reliable microwallet on the market. If you have long-term plans in the crypto world, you should open an account with the company below.

Top Microwallet Currencies Paying
Faucetpay BTC, ETH, Doge, LTC, BCH, Dash, DGB, TRX, USDT, FEY, ZEC, etc...
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In the tables below, we have compiled the current best opportunities in the crypto market. You can register in the usual way by clicking on the link.

Top Crypto Platforms Informations Paying
KuCoin The Largest Social Trading Platform
Cex The Most Secure Crypto Exchange in the World
CakeDeFi The easiest way to get great rewards on your BTC
Biswap Trade, earn and enjoy the lowest exchange fee
Top Crypto Games Informations Paying
Rollercoin The Best Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator.
Coinbirds Buy birds that lay eggs. Sell the eggs, collect the money.
Pipeflare Faucet, Games and Airdrops - over $1,000 USD Monthly
Top Mining Sites Informaions Paying
Bitdeer The World Leading Cloud Mining Platform
Honeygain Sign up to Honeygain and you will receive 5USD for free
Stormgain Sign up to Stormgain and You will get 3USDT for your registration
Cryptotabbrowser Browser Mining - 10 Level Referral System

Faucet Work

With the help of faucets, you can collect cryptocurrency quickly and easily. These sites have been dubbed faucets by users because they leak bitcoin slowly. Each site makes very little money, so working on a single wallet is pointless. Try to sign up to as many sites as possible to get money from more places and make your work worthwhile. If you feel like it, work on more than 10 sites. Believe me, this is not an exaggeration at all.

Exactly what do you need to do? What kind of work do you need to do on these websites? You have to click on ads and videos. That’s all you have to do. This work literally takes a few seconds. If you are just starting to earn money online, this is a very good way to get your first coins. You can’t expect wealth or riches from this job, of course. But you can gain experience and, over time, lay the foundations for your own e-commerce business. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

They are completely free to use. It is therefore important that you do not deposit money on any of these sites. If they do ask you for money, you’re probably dealing with scammers. This is relatively rare, but it’s worth being careful.

People visit faucet sites to get some reward for their clicks. Unfortunately, this is made more difficult by captchas. Sometimes these captchas are too complicated. There is no need to despair. Simply close the page and go back the next day. In 24 hours you will probably have to solve a different set of captchas.

online faucet - Bitcoin and Ethereumwork on many faucets at once…

Long term thinking

The faucet pages have their downsides. Unfortunately it is quite common for one to go down or disappear from the internet for whatever reason. You don’t need to despair, simply take it off your list and stop working there. Instead, sign up to another site, or even several. It is rare, but it does happen that a faucet site will work reliably for a long time. Appreciate these sites, work on them as much as you can. Make as much money as you can.

The collection of referrals is quite important in this work. As it is a simple money-making activity, it will be of interest to many people. Even people who have no qualifications and do not speak languages. There are masses of people all over the world who have this as their only way to collect Bitcoin or other digital money.

Every start is difficult. At first you’ll probably be working all on your own for little money, but don’t let that put you off. After a little time and some experience, you’ll be able to start posting your referral links on social media. Later on, you may even have your own website, which can take your online money-making to a new level. And with the right skills and some capital, you can start trading on crypto exchanges. It is a long way, but it is achievable. Of course, this is not compulsory. If you don’t want to collect referrals, you can work on your own for the long term. You don’t even have to make big plans if you don’t want to. You can reach the goal alone, it’s just harder.

Regular Work

Many Administrators reward users who work and click regularly, every day. On these sites, the more you work, the more valuable ads you can click on. You should check each page for opportunities and promotions. If you click wisely, you can earn a lot more money.


There is an excellent opportunity not to be missed. By doing small online tasks, you can significantly increase your income. You can do a lot of such tasks every day.

What kind of online tasks are we talking about? For example: completion of surveys, watching videos, writing a comment, writing a review about a product or service, registering on a website, etc… In the beginning, these tasks will provide the bulk of your income.


Of course, in the early days your income will be a modest amount. But as you gain experience, you’ll be able to work faster, which will increase your hourly wage. If you click diligently on faucet ads and surf ads and even do small tasks on a daily basis, this could be a pretty good source of income for you.

It’s important to work on at least 25 sites to get bitcoin from many places at once. If you want to make a lot of revenue, you will definitely need premium memberships and referrals. The easiest way to collect referrals is to advertise one of your referral links on another Faucet page.

Many experts predict: The exchange rate of Bitcoin and other online cryptocurrencies is likely to rise in the long term. There is a lot of risk, but a high expected return.

Faucet Memberships

The faucet sites offer different premium memberships to users. The only downside is that they cost money. In contrast, they have many advantages. You get more bitcoins per click, higher referral commissions and lower withdrawal limits. An ad-free screen can also be included as an extra. It is more pleasant to work without pop-ups. Premium membership is worth buying if you work a lot on faucet sites and have referrals.

The older a Crypto Faucet is, the more likely it will continue to work reliably in the future. Buy premium memberships primarily from these older websites. For new sites, it is better to opt for the free membership and wait. If the faucet has been running reliably for at least 1 year, You can invest, not before.

Faucet Ads

Want to advertise your website or links? You can do this on almost all Faucets. Usually you can choose from several advertising options: surf ads, banner impressions, gird, etc… These ads are very cheap, you can’t advertise your website or links for such a low price anywhere else. The first step is to create your own long-term advertising strategy. This is necessary because a good strategy increases the effectiveness of your advertising.


Every faucet is different, no two are the same. Some only let you click once a day to earn money, others offer you the chance to earn money every 15 minutes. Each website is worth checking out to see what the options are.

All in all, this is a job that every bitcoin hunter should try because it is an excellent opportunity. And if you can collect referrals, it can be a source of money for you in the long run.

If you are only interested in the best faucet sites, we recommend you read our next article: Top 10 Bitcoin Faucets.