Crypto Trading

In this list you find the leading crypto exchanges. Choosing the suitable provider is the first step to profitable trading. This is a step worth taking seriously. The best way to choose is to try some of them out after paying a small deposit.
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Exchange Founded Reliability (%) *
KuCoin 2017 100
Cex 2013 100
Gate 2013 100

* The most important factor in the crypto market is reliability. Many small companies will offer you beneficial promotions. Don’t take any chances! Choose a reliable crypto exchange. It will be your best investment in the long run.

Crypto Trading – Basic Informations

It’s a big challenge for anyone who takes it on. Crypto trading is a difficult job that offers great rewards. If you want to succeed in the crypto markets, you need to meet 4 basic requirements:

Use a profitable trading strategy

Traditional methods of technical analysis are failing in the crypto market. This market has huge volatility hence the need to develop new trading strategies. Crypto trading has a huge advantage over traditional investments. It offers much higher returns than any other investment. It is almost every day that the price of an online currency multiplies within a short period of time. You should develop your own trading strategy in light of this. Since 2010, many people have already made a fortune from the Bitcoin business. The real upswing, according to many, is just beginning.

Productive Risk Management

Risk management’s only job is to protect your capital. The primary concern for an investment is not to lose your capital. Profit is very important, but only a secondary consideration. In crypto markets, the concept of risk has become relative. What is risk? Many people now consider it a risk to hold your money in Dollars or Euros…

Basic rule: always risk only a small part of your capital. This is the cornerstone of risk management.

Mental Fitness

Trading digital currencies is a highly stressful job. It is not for everyone. You need to keep your emotions under control at all times. You have to keep your cool even when the market turns against you. Your mental fitness will determine whether or not you succeed in the long run.

Register with a trusted crypto exchange

Believe it or not, this is the most important aspect. This cannot be stressed enough. In finance, the first priority is always to protect capital. Whether it’s a bank account, a crypto wallet or an online stock exchange, always choose a well-known, reputable company. Choose a provider where your money is safe. The list above only includes such crypto exchanges.

How to choose a crypto exchange?

Crypto exchanges are online marketplaces where you can buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for dollars (or other fiat money). New traders usually have problems choosing the suitable provider. The market is huge and there is a lot of conflicting information. Choosing a reliable exchange requires a lot of attention. Traders have to consider a number of aspects.

Year of foundation

Beginning traders often pay no attention at all to choosing the right exchange. This is a huge mistake, because an unreliable company can be taken out of the market at any time. The clearest sign of trustworthiness is when a crypto exchange has been on the market for a long time and has been operating without any problems. Smooth trading reduces risks.

Demo Account

A demo account is a great way to practice. You can test new trading strategies and build up your routine. You can try anything freely, without any risk. You’ll find lots of trading tips and techniques online. It might be worth checking out these tips and techniques on a demo account. Experience shows that trading with play money is not the same as trading with real money. That’s why many traders test their trading strategies with a minimum amount of money but in a real account. The decision is of course yours.

Minimum Deposit

This is a pretty important factor. Many traders test an exchange with a small amount of money first and only deposit a larger amount if everything works properly. This is a great method, recommended for everyone. If you have doubts pay a small amount and test it. There is no better way. You can use this technique on crypto exchanges with low deposit limits. You can also use a demo account for testing.

The cost of trading

At first glance, it seems obvious that a low trading cost is preferable to a high one. This is not necessarily the case in reality. A company needs revenue to operate optimally. A website with too low costs is often not stable enough.

Avoid hidden costs. If you see a company using underhand means, take your money out and look elsewhere. Don’t enrich unreliable brokers. Always choose quality providers. This decision can bring you profits in the long run.


Every now and then, you may have questions about a service. It is therefore important that the exchange is accessible by chat or phone. The staff should be prepared and the answers to your questions should be quick and accurate. You will need some English to communicate effectively. Remember that the digital money market is global. Relevant information is most likely to appear in English. Customer services are adapting to this.


A reliable crypto exchange will be your partner in your daily work. This is more important than a profitable trading strategy. The list at the top of this page provides links to the most trusted crypto exchanges.

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Advanced Options

If you have enough experience in trading and are massively profitable, you should improve your system. Here is a profitable method for you. Start mining the online currency that you think is about to go up in price. When it does, sell it on your favourite online exchange. This is a very good way to earn higher profits. Mining + trading is an unbeatable duo in the market.