Crypto Games

The list below contains online games that you can play to earn money online. Most of them can be played for free, but the earning potential is higher if you invest first. Only invest money in a game if you know how it works and have a long-term strategy.
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Mining Games Online Since Paying
Rollercoin 2018
Coinbirds 2020
NFT Games Online Since Paying
Splinterlands 2020
Pipeflare 2020
C & SB Online Since Paying
BCgame 2017
Satoshihero 2017
Satoshimonster 2021

“Play to earn” Games

You’re probably here because you want to earn money in the future while playing on your computer or mobile phone. A few years ago, this seemed impossible, but now some people are making a living from it. It’s their main source of income, it supports their families. Incredible as it may seem, being a gamer is now a profession.

The market for computer games is growing worldwide. More and more gamers are willing to pay more and more money for a better gaming experience. This process opens up opportunities to make money. The “play to earn” business model is based on this process.

Money Making

You can earn money in two ways. One way is to create value yourself. For example, you start playing a strategy game where you are a Bitcoin miner. The stronger character you build, the more game coins you produce, the more real money you will earn. The other money making technique is to collect referrals. In this case, you will receive a commission from the gaming company. This commission can be credited to your crypto wallet or used to upgrade your character.

Do you have a smartphone? Install the games on it too. You can even earn money while travelling. And during the day, you can quickly check your player character if you have 5 minutes to spare.

Crypto Mining Simulators

The most recommended games are crypto mining simulators. If you don’t know how bitcoin mining works, these games can give you an insight into the world of coin hunters. But if you’ve mined some coin before, you’ll have no problem with the simulator. If you want, you can go for the free start. You can also choose to invest. It is important to get to know the game before you invest.

These games require logical thinking and foresight. Before you invest or reinvest, get out a calculator and carefully work out the expected return on your investment. Also work out how long it will take to get a return on your investment.

Games and emotions

Get into this money-making mode if you like to gamble. If you don’t, there’s no point. It is common experience that people who have gambled a lot in the past make more money. Even more if they loved doing it. There is no point in suffering. Everyone has the possibility to decide how to collect Bitcoins.If you don’t like to gamble, try crypto mining or crypto trading instead.

crypto games - the gamer and the coinCreate Your own strategy…


How to make money online with crypto games? More and more people are asking this question. Unfortunately, there is no general, clear answer. Each game requires a different strategy, as no two games are the same. But one thing is for sure: the earning potential is much higher if you invest instead of playing for free. Unfortunately, this is true for all “play to earn” games.

Companies provide benefits to users who pay for the service. The “play to earn” games have their own world and economic life. These virtual worlds and economies are becoming increasingly complex. Whether you play a simpler or more complex game, always test the game before you pay. Learn the rules. Write down the methods you will use to make money. Develop your own winning strategy. You should do this for each game individually.

If you have the time and energy, play more games. You’ll gain more experience and money will flow into your account from more places.


From time to time, every game offers some kind of promotion. You can get things to upgrade your character at a special price. This gives you an advantage over other players. For example, every game offers a bonus after registration. This has the advantage that you can get goods that improve your character at a low price. The disadvantage is that at the beginning of the game you don’t know what you need and what you don’t need. So be very careful in the first few days. A good promotion, a good investment can boost your earnings.

Crypto Gambling

The algorithms in casinos and bookmakers make sure that they win and not you. Generally, the more you play, the more you lose. There are very few exceptions. For these facts, the only reason to sign up to these sites is for the free promotions. Some casinos let you spin the wheel of fortune for free after you sign up. And at the bookmakers, you can bet on a match for free. These free promotions can be worth taking advantage of.

We advise you not to make a deposit at an online casino or bookmaker. If you do, only deposit money if you know what you are doing. Never gamble out of passion. Don’t sit down in front of a monitor when you are nervous or in a bad mood. Don’t spend the money you or your family needs on gambling.needs on gambling.